Specialist Field


ELECTROLYSIS-Permanent hair removal.

During a women's life, hormonal changes occur several times resulting sometimes in superfluous hair growth on facial areas. By carefully inserting a sterile probe into the base of the hair follicle, the emitting current destroys part of the blood supply to the hair and after several treatment sessions the hair will be permanently destroyed. The length of treatment will depend on the strength of the hair and a thorough consultation is carried out prior to treatment to determine this.

SKIN TAG and MILIA (whitehead) REMOVAL

Skin Tags are fleshy overgrowths of skin usually present around the neck, under arms, under the chest and usually in an area which suffers from friction. The removal of these is relatively easy and quick using a sterile probe to cauterise the tag which shrivels and dies immediately. The smaller skin-tags disappear Straight away and the larger ones may need further treatment. Milia or white spots usually present around the eye area or on the face are gently tapped with the active probe to cauterise them or dry them up. Because milia do not have a pore to secrete out, this form of removal proves very successful. Healing time is usually about 3 weeks.


Tiny broken red capillaries under the surface of the skin can give a permanent flushed appearance. Using similar methods as above the veins are cauterised and once healed can greatly improve the appearance of the complexion. Several treatments may be required for large areas of high colour whereas tiny blood spots can be removed in one session. As with all the specialised treatments, a thorough consultation is carried out prior to commencing treatment.


This treatment introduces pigment into the deeper layers of the skin (namely the dermis) so it permanently stains it. An individually wrapped, disposable probe is used to transport the pigment into the skin in a procedure which usually takes 1-2 hours depending on type of cosmetic result required.

The procedure can be used to enhance existing eyebrows or create a brow line, to provide a permanent eye-liner or lip liner and to create beauty spots. Scar tissue in hairlines or through eye-brows can also be camouflaged using pigment often giving excellent results. After consultation and a skin test (required 24 hrs prior to treatment) the first treatment can commence with usually up to 3 follow-up sessions spaced at 3 weeks apart.

Careful consideration must be given before having this procedure because it cannot be easily reversed, however for most clients it saves the daily toil of applying make-up and for those with eye allergies or sight difficulties it makes life a lot easier. A full explanation of aftercare is always given before the client leaves.

All consultations for the above treatments are free of charge as is advice on skincare or suitability to treatments.